Young at Heart

About Us

Young at Heart is dedicated to bridging the gap between university students and the elderly population of Lexington through service in order to form lasting relationships, reduce social stigmas, and increase awareness of issues surrounding seniors and aging.

Major Events

  • Adopt a Grandparent is a weekly volunteer program at Morning Pointe and Willows at Fritz Farm. Students are paired with a resident at facility of their choice and are expected to meet with their adopted grandparent once a
    week. Monthly meetings are held to check-in with students and
    reflect on time spent volunteering. This program allows students to
    form lasting relationships with residents and gives residents
    something to look forward to.
  • Scrabble Sundays: Once a month we visit with different nursing homes in the Lexington community and have a game afternoon. We bring a bunch of different games, including scrabble, and just get to hang out with various residents.
  • Senior Prom: Each Spring, we partner with the UK College of Pharmacy to host a “prom” at a nursing home. It is always a 50s themed event and we play games and dress up with the residents.
  • Education Events: Starting this semester, Fall 2019, we will be having one education event where students can come out and learn more about nursing homes, Young at Heart, and the Aging Population.

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