Our Mission

To foster student leaders with a commitment to active citizenship through education, service, and reflection. Participation in the CCO promotes a sense of belonging on University of Kentucky’s campus, a connection to the larger community, and a dedication to social justice.

Our Vision

To create a campus of active citizens committed to social justice.

Our Values


Communities can represent groups of proximity (closeness) and/or affinity (shared values). This means that communities can be entities that groups or individuals feel physically or emotionally a part of. Communities are interconnected with other communities, and people can be part of multiple communities. We value speaking from experiences with communities we are a part of, and listening to spoken experiences from communities we are not a part of.

Active Citizenship

When individuals make community the priority in life decisions. In addition, individuals are getting involved in their communities at different levels, whether that is on a small or large scale. Being an active citizen contributes to social justice as individuals are mobilizing to make change.

Social Justice

A process of lifelong learning toward a goal of fair and equitable distribution of resources. Rather than viewing social justice as a "timeline" or "journey" to achieve, we view it as a spectrum of learning, values, and experiences. Every individual within and outside of our communities falls within that spectrum, and it is incredibly important to actively listen to those varying perspectives in order to be a part of a just transition and maintain equitable opportunities. Social justice also encompasses the idea of creating spaces of belonging for individuals of any and all identities. We welcome, respect, and consider the diversity inside and outside of our spaces.